AURIGA Credit Solutions AG and DWM GmbH become partners.

DWM International GmbH specializes in worldwide debt collection management, both B2B and B2C. AURIGA Credit Solutions AG is a Swiss debt collection fintech company offering creditors and debt collection companies (DCA) a SaaS platform for worldwide debt collection.

With this strategic combination of services, DWM?s clients (creditors and/or debt collection agencies "DCA") can now access a central debt collection platform worldwide via "AURIGA-DWM direct", powered by AURIGA Credit Solutions AG.

The simple and encrypted transfer of the collection data records, the multilingualism and last but not least the consolidated "cockpit function" should bring more efficiency to the customers of DWM International GmbH.

The customers of AURIGA Credit Solutions AG benefit from a central processing of worldwide debt collection mandates via DWM International GmbH.

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